Wellness Tips: Dr. Joe's Wellness advice

20th Aug 2021

Dr. Joe Nieusma’s Wellness Advice


How to Keep from Getting Sick:

  1. Do the work to have a healthy body: Rest, hydration, nutrition, and exercise
  2. High Normal Levels of Vitamin D (use only high quality supplements, e.g., Z-stacks, etc..)
  3. Zinc – But it needs one of these mechanisms to get into the cell:
    1. Quercetin (order online, can find over the counter)
    2. Hydroxychloriquine (prescription from your doctor)
    3. Ivermectin (prescription from your doctor or a pet store)
  4. Carbon 60 with specific guidelines:
    1. High quality, 99% without residues/solvents
    2. Black Seed Oil (preferably LiveLongerLabs' C60Complete due to C60 patent and quality) reverses some of the damage with the vaccine
    3. Use LiveLongerLabs or your favorite supplier that meets these guidelines
  5. Chlorine Dioxide
    1. Swiss Dr. Kalcker completed phase 3 trials proofing effectiveness – use his formula
    2. Not legal in the United States even though the US government knows it works. People can use creative ways to get it
    3. Most countries it is legal and in a few it’s the standard way of dealing with viruses/illness
    4. Chlorine dioxide is approved for purification of drinking water in the USA and TwinOxide is an ultrapure form of chlorine dioxide – Learn more
  6. N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) to increase glutathione levels
    1. Glutathione levels decrease as you age. Take NAC to increase your glutathione levels up to that of a younger person.

What to do if you do get sick – Double down on the above items. Contact a doctor that knows how to deal with vaccine damage or with COVID. Do not go to just any doctor.

See Dr. Nieusma's show describing these recommendations: Proven Methods to Live Despite Being Vaccinated, Reversing Damage & Fighting Back w/ Dr. Joe Nieusma

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