Frequently Asked Questions

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LiveLongerLabs is an independent, privately-owned lab high in the Rocky Mountains. They created C60BreathEZR™ Oil after eight years of intensive research. Learn more about LiveLongerLabs.
C60Complete Inhalant Diffuser is manufactured by Aroma Air Industries. LiveLongerLabs researched and tested diffuser to find the best diffuser with the ability to diffuse the oil to 1-3 microns for the highest benefit to the user.

Yes. C60BreathEZR Oil is safe to consume or use on the skin. It is safe for animals, too. BUT, the oil is highly refined for use as an inhalant with the C60Complete Diffuser. We recommend using C60Complete Capsules instead. Order from C60Complete.com. The capsules are easy to swallow. Break a capsule open to apply to the skin.

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BreathEZR™ Oil is made in LiveLongerLabs' lab high in the Rocky Mountains, right here in the United States.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
PATENT-PENDING: LiveLongerLabs has filed patents on all their products, including C60BreathEZR™ Oil. That is how much we believe im our products' quality and benefits!

Yes. The diffuser has a "Time On" and "Time Off" button. Set the "Time On" button for how long you'd like the diffuser to run. Time On can be set for one (1) to twenty (20) minutes. Set the "Time Off" button for how lomg you'd like the diffuser to "rest". Time Off can be set for one (1) to twenty (20) minutes. The diffuser will automatically run again until you manually turn the "On-Off" button off.

C60BreathEZR can be used as a room diffuser or as a inhalant held close to face or as a diffuser is good for a 1200 sqft room smaller the more concentrated but because of the small micron we have it can stay suspended over a hour in room depending on conditions and the bottles will last from 20 to 30 plus days depending on use 

C60BreathEZR Oil is made with Ultra Pure Carbon 60 Fullerene Nano in Organic Black Seed Oil and Organic Curcumin.

46 mg C60 per 60 ml. 99.99% pure C60 used with a proprietary process to achieve maximum concentration

BreathEZR™ Oil is made in LiveLongerLabs' lab high in the Rocky Mountains, right here in the United States.

We use 3rd Party Testing to certify our products for purity, quality, and concentration.

Learn more about the research that went into creating BreathEZR™ Oil on our Product Research page.

Yes! Our products are tested and certified pet safe by a 3rd Party/p>