Living 150-200 years: Is it a reality? Preparing for Long Life, What's Next? Part 2

26th Jan 2020

Sarah Westall interviews Clif High. Clif gives advice on taking C60 and planning to live in this newer, longer lifespan reality.

Clif explains his "Die young at an advanced age" strategy means living much, much longer, possibly even to 150-200 years, AND feeling young and vital. He explains, "Because I am taking C60 and other life-extension programs, IMO, I need to craft a strategy to feel great when I'm old."

Some additional facts and concepts he presents are:

1. CARBON 60 is the biggest breakthrough antioxidant of our century.

2. Gluten was never meant to be digested. He stressed the importance of analyzing the amount of gluten one consumes.

3. Many are mineral deficient, in particular, iodine deficient. Measures to ensure we are getting a healthy amount of iodine is necessary for longevity.

For more pearls of wisdom, watch the video!