C60live™ Oils

C60live Oils with Carbon 60 are 172% more effective than Vitamin C!

Antioxidants are the key to fighting oxidative stress in the body

The first C60live products started by  bonding  Carbon 60 to organic oil. C60live went viral!
Why? Because it is so revolutionary, so effective. The benefits are endless.
This isn't just hype. It's ALL BACKED BY RESEARCH!



Boosts oxidation, increass longevity, scavenges free radicals, reduces inflammation, improves immune function...

These are some of the MANY benefits gained by adding C60Live Oils to your daily wellness routine. Check out more Benefits!



Through alliances with doctors, inssitutions, and researchers, LiveLongerLabs researches every product they create. Plus, they leverage PUBMED.gov to further authenticate the volume of research they pour into every product prior to introducing it. Learn more on PUBMED.gov.

About C60live™ Oils